Saint Timothy's Episcopal Church
2152 Hawthorne Street; Kingsport, TN 37664  Phone: (423) 247 - 3992 Email: Saint Timothy's.

9:00 Adult Sunday
10:00 AM Holy

Saint Timothy's is a Spiritual
Sanctuary where all are accepted and
allowed to be themselves.  We are a
community committed to Worship,
Christian education, and reaching out
to care for the needs of our neighbors.
Three Parishes, One Mission: The Episcopal Church of Kingsport
The Epistles of Paul have been foundational in the development
of the church.  Fr. Harry Shaefer, the author of
Thessalonians: The Hidden History of the Pauline Churches,
' has
explored and conducted extensive scholarship within Paul's
letters.   Harry will explore the question: "Are there beginning
points in the development of a theology, in First and Second
Thessalonians, that might help us to understand Paul’s more
advanced thinking in Romans and Galatians?" Fr. Harry’s course
will look at the Foundations of Paul’s Theology."  This course
begins on September 21 at St.
John’s Episcopal Church in
Johnson City from 6-7pm.
Explore the
foundations of
Pauline Theology
with Fr. Harry
in a new