9:00 Sunday School - We meet in the fellowship
hall at 9:00am.  People are welcome to bring
their own breakfast.  We open with a prayer and
eat breakfast together.  Someone reads the
Gospel lesson assigned for that day and we
discuss it from many points of view.   Sometimes
we discuss projects and dinners which are
hosted by our Sunday school.  Feel free to join
us anytime!

10:00 Sunday Service, Eucharist, Rite II, etc.  
Many names!  Often you will hear our Services
referred to as Eucharist, which just means
celebration!  A Eucharist is a church service that
ends with communion.  Sometimes other services
are held which are appropriate for the church
Most of the service is printed in a daily bulletin.

Vestry - Another strange word. You see the
clothing priest wear during a service are called
Vestments.  Once upon a time (when church
buildings were smaller) the governing committee
held meetings in the Vesting room (a small room
where the priests get ready for services)  As a
result, that board was known as the Vestry.  The
"Vestry" in a Episcopal church is like a board of
directors who make important decisions for the
church.  Its members are elected by our
members at an annual meeting held in December.
What is this stuff anyway????
Saint Timothy's Episcopal Church
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