What if its not funny to you?

A topic of discussion for our upcoming Sunday school class is how to handle situations (jokes, videos, post) that your friends find amusing but it contridicts your Christian values.  How do we react so that we do not seem judgmental and a ‘high and mighty’ Christian; but at the same time try and lead by example.

I usually play devils-advocate from a very secular point of view to offer a different perspective on the part of who or what is being made fun of.  The typical response is limited so I am unsure of the impact.  We will explore this in Sunday school and report back.  Please join our class if you would like.

2 thoughts on “What if its not funny to you?

  1. There’s a favorite saying in our workplace, “silence means consent.” However; there’s much to be said about tolerance.
    I agree with the previous post, pointing out a different perspective in a respectful manner is certainly an option, not participating in the activity or post is definitely a good one to consider. Saying, “I disagree .” sends a strong message in itself. Self-restraint should be exercised; over reacting, coming across as judgmental as and “holier than thou” only creates drama and doesn’t set ourselves apart from the secular world.
    Unless we are a total recluse we are going to come into contact with others physically or through social media and things will be said or done which we find offensive or abrasive to us. This is a fact of life. The way we respond and the examples we set in our own daily lives and activities speaks volumes of our character.

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