Salt anyone?

Today’s lesson in Sunday school is scripture from Matthew that calls us to be “salt of the earth” and to be the “light of the world.”  As time has come to pass, we have taken these things for granted.  Salt now is a spice that we readily use and is inexpensive to acquire.  But that wasn’t always the case.  In a time without refrigeration salt is a commodity that you could not live without.  It was necessary for the preservation of food.  It was a key element for survival.  We still cannot live without salt but in its abundance, we don’t concern ourselves by giving it much thought.

I wonder if sometimes that is how we treat God’s love for us.  For it is in such an abundance that we do not take the time to appreciate it and share it like it should be done.  Someone once asked me what my life would look like if tomorrow I woke up without the things I did not thank God for today.  Scary thought if that started to happen.

God’s love burns bright for us and he wants us to share it.  Evangelism is a task that Episcopalians do not overachieve at.  It was quoted at the recent Diocese of East Tennessee Convention I attended that “Jesus calls us to be fishers of men, but we all to quickly become keepers of the aquarium.”  It is a reality that hit a little too close to home.  Then the Bishop shared an idea with us that I really liked.  He said great evangelist do not bring God to people.  Rather we talk with people to help them discover a God already present and active in their lives.”  That shed a whole new light on evangelism for me.

One thought on “Salt anyone?

  1. Evangelism 101 – Rules to consider:
    1. Don’t attempt to corner a stranger and ask if they are “saved, born again, or if they’ve heard of hell.”
    2. Don’t thrust a religious tract in their hands, quote a ½ dozen scriptures and remind them that they are lost and “your” chosen path is the only way to heaven.
    3. Do- smile, greet them with a friendly hello, and allow them to see the light and love of Christ flowing through you. Extend an invitation to an outreach dinner, answer questions, be respectful. Speak for 30 seconds, listen for 70. Remember, our faith may not be for everyone but God’s love is.

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