Mountain Top Experiences

Most of us has had the pleasure to view a splendor from atop a mountain.  Whether you get there by hiking, biking, four wheeler, or however; we can recall revealing in the natural beauty of our world.  At the summit, you can feel a closeness to nature and God.  It can be an experience that last for a moment or days.  A time and place where one can at least relate to Transcendentalism.  A state of purity without the corrupting concerns of the world below. 

Moses had his experience upon Mount Sinai where he received the Ten Commandments and in the Gospel lesson for the Last Sunday in Epiphany, Jesus had his own mountain top experience where his body was transfigured before his disciples: Peter and John.  It was a validation that Jesus was in fact the son of God.  In my opinion, it was the greatest miracle of the Bible being the only miracle that happened to Jesus himself.  A mountain top experience where being fully human and fully God collides in a visual spectacle for his two disciples removing any doubt that Jesus is the Messiah. 

Today, it is not necessary to climb mountains and trees for the visual clarity and perspective that people once did.  The relationship of the New Covenant between God and us exist in the knowledge that Christ has already paved the way.  The sweat, blood, and tears have already been expensed to establish the framework that stands ready for every person.  Our job is to utilize and share this framework so that we can all maintain a close relationship with our God.  The season of Lent is upon us and I can think of no better time to dust off our proverbial hiking boots and climb our own mountain to strengthen our relationship with a God already present in our lives!  Thank you Jesus!

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