To Lent, or not to Lent, what a silly question!

It is that time of year again.  Lent is in full swing!  But what does that mean and what should we do about it?  I think that many people do not fully embrace this season because they set lofty, unattainable Lenten goals.  Jesus did manage to fast and resist temptation for 40 days BUT we are not Jesus.  He was perfect, we are not.  If you haven’t decided your Lenten journey then I suggest “baby steps.”  If nothing else, check out Lenten Madness (link from our home page) and learn a little more about the saints of the church.  I highly recommend doing something no matter how small.  Following a Lenten rule is like going to the gym; it sure is hard to sometimes make yourself go, but you sure feel great when you succeed!

Try something today!  It’s not too late to start!

One thought on “To Lent, or not to Lent, what a silly question!

  1. I’m using Lent as a “spiritual check-up.” A season of self-discipline and focus.

    A time to focus on Christ. Who gave up everything as the ultimate sacrifice for us.
    In order to focus better on one thing we need to focus less “give up” others. There’s a lot to be said about a still quiet moment, not being distracted by emails, cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, the remote control, our social calendar, or whatever drive thru meal we just picked up.

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