The Samaritan woman and Jesus

In the Gospel lesson, Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at a well at noonday.  She more than likely did not expect to meet anyone at the well but she finds the Messiah.  At the time, the Jews and the Samaritans did not see eye to eye so the Samaritan woman was surprised when Jesus was offering her the waters of eternal life.  Jesus proves himself to her by calling her out.  He tells her that he knows she has had five husbands AND the man she is currently with is not her husband.  She realized who Jesus is and how he knew her sin and yet, despite their differences, he was still offering her salvation.

This conviction turns the Samaritan woman into one of the earliest (if not the very first) evangelist.  She takes the message of Jesus back to her community and shares it with all who will listen.  She does all this despite their differences, despite her lifestyle, and without the resurrection.  What faith!  We would all do well to follow in her example.  All of us fall short of the Glory of God, but we all are blessed by his Grace and Jesus is still at that well of eternal water wanting us all to partake!

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