Jesus heals the blind man.

In the Gospel Lesson for Rose Sunday Jesus heals a blind man.  He was blind from birth and during that time, it was assumed that if you had a disability such as blindness, lameness, or leprosy; it was because you are a sinner and you were being punished for your sins or the sins of your father.  The Pharisees, strict upholders of the law of Moses, were outraged with Jesus for his inclusive ministry which included the untouchables.  

Were the Pharisees wrong with their interpretations?  A chosen people who followed the law they knew to come from God?  The fact of the matter is our truth is merely our perception of reality.  The Pharisees felt justified, even if misguided by their own prejudices.  We are all blind without the light of Christ.  Our individual perceptions of right and wrong; good and bad may differ; but we all can be made whole by putting our faith in Christ.  His request from us is to share His Glory and not hoard it remembering each one of us is a masterpiece of God, made in His image.  As Christians, we must not act as the Pharisees did feeling superior in our faith.  Reach out as Christ did.  We may not be able to do miracles, but we CAN make huge differences in the lives of others and, I believe, by doing so, save the institution of the Church at the same time.