Presentation Sunday

Today we celebrate many things; the Super Bowl, Ground Hog Day, and hopefully we have given some thought to Presentation Sunday.  The day that the Christ child Jesus was presented to the temple.  You see Mary and Joseph were diligent in following the law of the times so after 40 days from the birth of Christ, Joseph and Mary went to the temple in Jerusalem to make a sacrifice and present their firstborn male to the Lord.

If you take it from the point of view of Joseph, he may have been ready to get in and get out quickly satisfying their covenant requirements.  After all, he and his newlywed Mary have already been through so much what with the virgin birth and angelic visitors.  But their visit would not be like most.  You see there was a man named Simeon there who had been promised by the Holy Spirit that he would live to see the Lord’s Messiah.  And with God’s perfect timing they meet at the temple and Simeon takes Christ into his arms and praises God for the fulfillment of his promise.  He says that he may now rest in peace for he has seen the salvation in Christ with his very own eyes just as he was promised.

I wonder what Simeon would say to us.  He waited his whole life to see the light of Christ.  Today we are born into this world with the light of Christ shining bright.  A light for everyone, anytime.  It is something to take comfort in and share.  How can we share this news so that others may experience what Simeon and we have already?

What if its not funny to you?

A topic of discussion for our upcoming Sunday school class is how to handle situations (jokes, videos, post) that your friends find amusing but it contridicts your Christian values.  How do we react so that we do not seem judgmental and a ‘high and mighty’ Christian; but at the same time try and lead by example.

I usually play devils-advocate from a very secular point of view to offer a different perspective on the part of who or what is being made fun of.  The typical response is limited so I am unsure of the impact.  We will explore this in Sunday school and report back.  Please join our class if you would like.