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Sunday Morning Worship
9:00 AM Adult Sunday School
10:00 AM Holy Eucharist
Great News!!!

It's been a while but with a lot of great efforts by many people, the Nave will
be ready to worship again beginning this Sunday (December 3rd!!)

It is true that a church is brick and mortar; basically a building.  And it is also
true that the
church is the Body of Christ; but our church home - St. Timothy's -
is a sacred space for us.  A place set apart to be closer to God and each

'Sanctuary' is a word derived from the Latin word: sanctuarium, which is, like
most words ending in 'arium,' a container for keeping something.  In a
sanctuary, we keep holy things; and it becomes a sacred space for God's
children to worship the divine.

With all the uncertainty that life offers, we trust and lean into the liturgy and
the comfortable, familiar, and Grace filled space of our church home.  The
nave of Saint Timothy's is, if anything, a dwelling place for God.  We've seen
evidence of that on a past Pentecost when our Aumbry candle flame grew
hot enough to shatter the globe, when the entrance bells rang (by
themselves) during the recital of Christ's Passion on a Good Friday, and
in the countless encounters felt by us within the walls of Saint Timothy's nave.  
If I may be so bold, it is a special place under God's protection.

Therefore it is with a gladdened heart that I inform you that services will
resume in the Nave.  Thanks be to God!!!
Saint Timothy's Episcopal Church
2152 Hawthorne Street; Kingsport, TN 37664  
Saint Timothy's.