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From the Vicar...
What does it mean to ‘fish for people?’  That was Jesus’ charge to the disciples
when he called them to God’s work.  Evangelism is a scary word for most.  In
addition, Evangelism is a challenge for we live in a polite society which respects
people’s freedoms.  Freedoms to choose whether or not we participate in any
form of institutionalized religion.  The problem created is when those who might
crave a ‘God conversation;’ but who’d rather not (at least initially) darken the
doorstep to church.  In my experience people crave discussions about spirituality
and seek expression and/or direction.  But sometimes there is no one seemingly
available to listen.

I believe a great way to deal with both includes redefining the translation of Christ’s
call to ‘fish for people.’  What if we defined the instruction as to become ‘fishers for
people.’  This is more about an identity as a follower of Christ; rather than a task to
perform.  Afterall, evangelism is not a task but a way of Christian life.  I believe we

can be bold about initiating God conversations while, at the same time, be respectful
of people’s freedoms.  If a conversation is started and not well received, we can
leave it with an invitation to continue the conversation if and when people desire.  
Like Jonah with Ninevites, our conversation does not have to be long and
persuading; rather an invitation to open the real dialog people need: between
them and God.  If we have faith that God is already at work in each person’s life;
then we can leave the details up to God.  We can also stand ready and available
when people seek a more profound conversation about what it means to be part
of the Body of Christ.

Let’s be fishers and live into our Christian identity!  

About Vicar Jon Hermes
Jon Hermes is a priest in the Diocese of East Tennessee
and serves St. Timothy's Kingsport.  He is a bi-vocational
priest who is employed as a branch manager at a local
community bank.  In addition to pastoring Saint Timothy's,
Jon assists the ETSU campus ministry as well as the
other ministries of the Episcopal Church of Kingsport.  
For fun Jon enjoys time with family and friends, and the
off-road adventures of riding his dirt bike.