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From the Vicar...
An important rule to live by; yours!

Within the chaos of day-to-day living we find ourselves juggling busy schedules.  This
could include working within a corporate model of doing more with less, tending to the
many demands of raising children, or continuing the ongoing saga of household chores.  
And if you are like many, your days include a combination of some (or all) of the above!  

A problem with working within such tight schedules is the ease of postponing or
cancelling the mental and spiritual activities that we need.  This habit starts as a 'quick
fix' to pencil in an activity which demands our attention.  This can lead to a dangerous
habit of ignoring those practices necessary to be responsive to God, and those which
recharge our own emotional batteries.  A 'rule of life' is no one thing; there is no
one-size-fits-all; we are too unique.  What may be invigorating and recharging for some;
could seem like sheer work to others.  A personal rule of life is just that; a rule, which
you define and should not be broken!

Personally, many know that a rule of life for me is riding my dirt bike in the woods.  To
some, this may sound like a fruitless and dangerous pass time.  But for me, it is a unique
way to exercise, commune with nature, and interact with God.  Part of my ride always
includes a space (usually on top of a mountain;) where I feel a closeness to my creator
and I have great discussions and seek direction.  To date, there has been no
'mountaintop' experience where I hear God's voice, see a blinding light, or witness any
burning bushes; but I feel God's presence and pray; as well as listen for guidance within
my heart.

Whatever your rule of life may be; please be sure to find time for it.  Rank it with high
importance because it is!  We live in a busy world for sure; but it is a world created by
God.  There will always be time for your rule of life; so long as you seek it!    

About Vicar Jon Hermes
Jon Hermes is a priest in the Diocese of East Tennessee
and serves St. Timothy's Kingsport.  He is a bi-vocational
priest who is employed as a branch manager at a local
community bank.  In addition to pastoring Saint Timothy's,
Jon assists the ETSU campus ministry as well as the
other ministries of the Episcopal Church of Kingsport.  
For fun Jon enjoys time with family and friends, and the
off-road adventures of riding his dirt bike.
Saint Timothy's Episcopal Church
2152 Hawthorne Street; Kingsport, TN 37664  
Saint Timothy's.