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From the Vicar...
So, it has become a cliche to say that Christmas is over commercialized and steers us
from the true meaning of Christmas; God incarnate, our savior, Jesus Christ.  However,
even though nearly all Christians profess this, we remain frozen in the trappings of our
own making.  I myself braved the crowds on Black Friday.  So, what's up with that???

First and foremost is the influence of tradition.  Our
present (time, not Christmas
presents! :), )
is organically connected to our past.  A complicated potpourri of social
expectation, tradition, and change.  We find comfort in the familiar and, as a result, are
drawn to it
; and go there to recharge.  Personally I don't consider that a 'bad' thing.  
What we must be careful about is substituting the waning joys of
a secular Christmas,
with the spiritual nourishment we desperately crave by our relationship with God; whether
we know it or not.  The other issue
includes our misguided attempt to 'buy' love with
presents.  No matter what anyone says, that kind of attention is short-lived, and
ultimately not effective.

, how do we handle the commercialization of such a Holy occasion?  One option is to
unify and ecumenically become a force that reshapes our current 'Christmas culture.'  
Um, well
, that is an option; but allow me to get a little more real.  I would suggest that no
matter where you may be on your spiritual journey, explore you relationship with God a
little deeper this season; whatever that might mean for you.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Deepen (or initiate) your prayer life
  • Read scripture - small doses - think about what it might be saying to a people in
    2017 (and soon to be 2018!)
  • Shake up your family gathering.  Be bold enough to say a prayer over the meal,
    make your gift exchange more manageable and meaningful this year.
  • Find a Christmas Eve Service to attend.  There's something special about singing
    Silent Night with the lights low; followed by a triumphant Joy to the World to usher
    in the true Christmas Season.  You are welcome to join ours at 10:00 P.M.

It is a Holy Night indeed
!  For how can we have salvation through Jesus Christ without his
Peace! -  Jon
About Vicar Jon Hermes
Jon Hermes is a priest in the Diocese of East Tennessee
and serves St. Timothy's Kingsport.  He is a bi-vocational
priest who is employed as a branch manager at a local
community bank.  In addition to pastoring Saint Timothy's,
Jon assists the ETSU campus ministry as well as the
other ministries of the Episcopal Church of Kingsport.  
For fun Jon enjoys time with family and friends, and the
off-road adventures of riding his dirt bike.