What Can I Expect When I Visit????

All are Welcome in God's House at St. Timothy's.  In
addition to a warm, friendly atmosphere of Worship
and Welcome, you can expect to experience a
Spiritual Closeness to God.

The 10:00 Rite II Service:

Opening Hymn and Prayer

The Liturgy of the Word (Bible Readings)
A Reading from the Old Testament
A Reading of a Psalm
A Reading from the Epistles
A Reading from the Gospel

The Sermon
An interpretation of the Readings.

Recital of the Nicene Creed

Prayers of the People
Together we pray for the Church, the world, those in need, sick
or other concerns or praises.

Confession of Sin
Together we recite a corporate confession of sins; those that
we have done and sins done  as a result of inactions.

We Share the Peace of the Lord
After our sins are forgiven, we greet each other in God's

Holy Communion Liturgy
The Celebrant leads the Eucharistic (Communion) Prayer and
we share in God's Grace by partaking Communion.

All of God's children are Welcome to Take Communion.

Close with a Prayer of Thanksgiving and Closing Hymn.

Dismissed to Spread the Good news of the Gospel!
Sunday Morning Worship
9:00 AM Adult Sunday School
10:00 AM Holy Eucharist
2152 Hawthorne Street; Kingsport, TN 37664  
Saint Timothy's.