Schedule of Services
Sunday Morning Worship
9:00 AM Adult Sunday School
10:00 AM Holy Eucharist
About Vicar Jon Hermes
Jon Hermes is a priest in the Diocese of East Tennessee
and serves St. Timothy's Kingsport.  He is a bi-vocational
priest who is employed as a branch manager at a local
community bank.  In addition to pastoring Saint Timothy's,
Jon assists the ETSU campus ministry as well as the
other ministries of the Episcopal Church of Kingsport.  
For fun Jon enjoys time with family and friends, and the
off-road adventures of riding his dirt bike.
Saint Timothy's Episcopal Church
2152 Hawthorne Street; Kingsport, TN 37664  
Saint Timothy's.
From the Vicar . . .

What is the worst sermon you have ever heard? I know, that is a risky question
coming from a preacher you may hear frequently!  I would, however, submit to
you the sermon in the Old Testament reading for this Sunday.  The text is from
the third chapter of Jonah where Jonah has finally come to Nineveh at the request
of God.  He marches in an delivers his sermon, 'Forty days more, and Nineveh
shall be overthrown!  Inspiring, huh?  It is short and delivered to the people, but
it would not score well in a homiletics class.  There is no mention of why God is
upset, what they should do, or any mention of the God at all! The interesting, and
downright surprising, result of Jonah's sermon is that it worked.  

Our gospel lesson informs the disciples of Jesus (that is, you and me,) that by

following him, we will fish for people.  This call to proclaim the good news is not
a call to perfection on our part.  It does not mean we must say magic or poetic
words (I refer you back to Jonah!)  To infer so suggests that we do not embrace
the wideness of God's mercy, or trust that the Holy Spirit is working through our
actions. Where I would not endorse Jonah's approach in our American culture,
I do submit that our efforts in proclaiming the good news will be blessed by God
and His Kingdom furthered in ways we may never know.